Fiat 124 Spider 2000 America

Fiat 124 Spider 2000 America

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Più veloce la prossima volta, questa 124 è già venduta! Ripassa più avanti per trovare un’altra Fiat 124 in vendita.

Fiat 124 Spider 2000 America

anno 1979, colore azzurro metallizzato, interni beige, versione CS 2, 2+2 posti, con capote in mohair nero, 2000cc, con certificato di rilevanza storica Fiat, targata Italiana. Venite in sede per verificare che rispecchi le vostre aspettative. Su richiesta eseguiamo trasporti a destinazione. 

Fiat 124 Spider 2000 America, 1979, in original metallic light blue color combined with beige interior trim, well preserved upholstery, undamaged dashboard, and the body all around does not show major defects or visible rust, the paint is shiny all around. It is a generally well kept and fair example ready for the coming spring and summer drives: this is the Fiat 124 Spider 2000 America CS2 2+2 seater (correctly registered as 2+2 seater in the Italian certification of registration), manual gear-box, powered by a 2000cc engine with carburetors, which is the higher cylinder capacity offered by the 124 Spider serie. The final version like this sums up all innovations and researches of the entire series, making it the most modern and comfortable among all Fiat 124 Spiders.
It is in good mechanical conditions, timing belt and head gasket have been recently replaced by the last owner. In recent times, it has also benefitted of a new black soft top in mohair and it also comes with black soft top cover. This Fiat 124 Spider 2000 America comes with the certification of historicity issued by the Italian Fiat Register which also contains its technical datas, and it is currently registered in Italy with valid road test. Visits are welcome: the car is located in Nervesa della Battaglia, Veneto, 45km from Venice, Italy. We encourage inspections to confirm that it meets your expectations. On request, we arrange transports to European destinations. Please, enquiry. 

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info: +39 335 8262808 (Olivotto)

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