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Popular destinations in Province of Treviso

Nervesa della Battaglia is a village situated at the foot of Montello hill. It was born, probably, as roman encampment of the Legion Nervi. A port built in 1509 was found along the Piave river, which flows through our village. In fact, the latter was navigable once, and employed by the Venetians who exploited the natural reserve of trees that the Montello offers to make the poles, which were (and are) the base of all the palaces in Venice. During the fascist period, the name Nervesa was changed adding “della Battaglia” (literally “of the Battle”), in honor of the 1st world war, whose last moments were fought here in Nervesa.

There are many places linked to the world war which can be visited:

first of all, the  Ossario where are conserved the rests of over 9.000 soldiers, who died during the Great War; the  S. Eustachio  abbey, partially destroyed by the bombardments, now luckily under restoration; the  British Cemetery in Giavera del Montello; the museum of classic planes ”Jonathan Collection edited by Mr. Zanardo, nationally and internationally known for his passion for flight and his enterprises aimed to re-evoke these big flying monsters, building the planes by himself, which sometimes can be seen fling lazily on the Sacello; the  Sacello was built where the famous Italian aviator “Asso degli Assi” (Ace of Aces) Francesco Baracca was shot down in 1918. Probably you did not know, but Francesco used to paint a black horse on his planes. When in 1923 Enzo Ferrari, the founder of the Scuderia Ferrari, met the mother of the hero, the Baroness Polina, she suggested him to use her son’s symbol on Enzo’s cars, to bring him luck. So it was!

Nervesa is also called “la città del Galateo”, the city of Galateo (which is the book containing the rules of polite behavior), because Monsignor della Casa wrote part of the Galateo here! There is also a legend which talked about the presence of the Certosa, the charterhouse, but it has never been found officially, so it remains a mystery.

The Montello hill offers the possibility of taking part to many sports and open air activities, like cycling thanks to the beautiful paths in the wood, horse riding, swimming and speleology (the Karst caves are visited by tourists from over Europe). Furthermore, it is extremely easy to find excellent restaurants or agritourisms all over our territory, since the average quality of our dishes and wines is particularly high.

On the other side of the Piave river, you can find Susegana and Conegliano kown for their Medioeval castles. The hills of Valdobbiadene are very famous for red wines and for the Prosecco, while Possagno for its gallery of plaster cast and the museum of Antonio Canova. Beautiful and fascinating are the Palladian villas disseminated all over the countryside but particularly in the Riviera del Brenta. Treviso is the pearl of our territory, and Asolo is called “the city of hundred horizons”, loved by Gabriele D’Annunzio, Eleonora Duse, Freya Stark and the Queen of Cyprus Caterina Cornaro. Not to forget that big cities of art like Venezia, Verona, Vicenza and Padova, the seaside in the East and Dolomites of the Belluno province can be easily reached from Nervesa della Battaglia.

For touristic informations, visit the website of the Region Veneto: http://www.veneto.eu/home